Warning Labels

Southern United take pride in providing a fantastic selection of labels, nameplates, laminates and more in a wide variety of materials to suit the specific needs of our clients. Working with companies both large and small from all industries, we can provide completely bespoke laminates and nameplates to your requirements, choosing the shapes, size, colour and even the finish of your label. Our team of expert manufacturers and innovative apprentices combine forces to ensure that we remain at the forefront of modern manufacturing. By combining new ideas with tried and tested supply and manufacturing methods, we are able to continue to provide all our clients with quality labels and laminates that are both durable and versatile.

Bespoke  Warning Signs & Warning Labels

Southern United Ltd have been producing specialist Warning Labels and Warning Nameplates for industry since we first started trading in the 1930′s. Due to the on-going developments in Health & Safety legislation in recent years Warning Labels have become a genre in themselves, with requirements for warning  signs ranging from heat safety, fire exits, and flammable liquids.

  • Yellow warning label

Our capacity to produce specialist labels means that we are able to meet the requirements of ever more specialist health and safety signage requirements. Southern United specialise in providing bespoke labels; this means that we are able to provide businesses with much more than the straightforward, mass produced, standard size label. Our labels are produced to meet the exact requirements of the customer.  We advise very customer on the wide variety of materials and large range of finishes available, depending on whether your warning sign needs to be heat proof, weather proof, chemical proof, or a combination of all of these requirements. We always hold a large stock of samples; this means that we are always happy to send you the material or the finish you require, without the need to create costly one off versions of your finished item in order to confirm the quality.

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Drawing from over 70 years’ experience in creating a wide range of labels, adhesive labels, health and safety signs such as asbestos warning labels, and nameplates for clubs, organisations, businesses and industries, Southern United offer first class services in helping you to create the ideal label for your company. Whether you’re looking for brass nameplates, keychains or personalised stainless steel labels, we can help. To find out more about the products we supply, simply email us at sales@sunited.co.uk where we will get back to you, or call us on 01273 418636 where you can speak directly to a member of our professional team. We look forward to hearing from you.