Polyimide Labels & Name Plates

Offering a wide range of labels, laminates and nameplates, Southern United focus on providing personalised labels that exactly meet the requirements of our clients. Drawing from over 70 years experience in the manufacturing industry, we are able to provide a wide range of labels complete to your specifications, right down to the shape, size, colour and materials of your chosen labels. We take pride in our ability to provide a huge range of different labels and laminates for our customers to choose from.

With a combined team of seasoned experts and innovative apprentices, we seek to remain at the forefront of modern manufacturing. We compile tried and tested methods with new and imaginative labelling strategies in order to ensure that we continue to provide the best supplies for our clients.

What Is Polyimide Film?

Southern United are the market leader for Polyimide labels and Polyimide engraving, with a high number of customers choosing this versatile material to label, market and identify their products.

Polyimide film is a permanent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, with a high opacity, gloss white topcoat. It is specifically designed for thermal transfer printing.

Polyimide is a material that is specifically engineered for long term performance at very high temperatures. For this reason, this material is particularly popular with AerospaceDefence, Electronic and Pneumatic customers. It is the ideal label to withstand surface mount board processes, and is perfect in applications where low profile labelling is required.

Because of its thermal stability, Polyimide labels are ideal for uses in situations where it is vital that shrinkage or decomposition do not occur; therefore further popular uses for Polyimide labels are for bar coding, permanent ID and warranty labelling. We create our Polyimide labels using the latest digital technology and high resolution printing, allowing our customers to choose from a multitude of colours to meet their specific requirements at no extra cost.

Services We Provide

Offering a wide range of products in a variety of colours, sizes, materials and finishes, Southern United draw form over 70 years’ experience in order to ensure only the very best services for our clients. Whether your company requires chrome plated brass nameplates or durable rigid PVC labels, we offer expert advice and assistance in providing a product that perfectly suits your requirements, as well Polyimide engraving.


Southern United offer a wide variety of brass nameplates in a selection of shapes and sizes. With over 70 years experience in the manufacture and supply of brass nameplates, we take pride in our level of quality service. Fixing holes and chrome plated brass nameplates provided upon request.


Our aluminium products are anodised in order to increase its durability and versatility. Available in a variety of thicknesses, Southern United also offers aluminium products with a brass effect background in order to create more prestigious nameplates.

Stainless Steel

Due to its high durability, stainless steel is ideal for harsh environments and can be supplied in a grained or polished finish upon request.

We offer a variety of printing services including machine engraving, etching, printing or even a combination of two different styles.

Clubs & Organisations

Whether you require souvenirs to highlight a particular event, or you are looking for high quality products to raise awareness about your new club or organisation, choose Southern United for first class, personalised services. We provide products in a range of materials and finishes, from key chains to window stickers.

Health & Safety

Southern United offer a wide range of health and safety labelling products, whether you require standard signage or something a little more unique to your business. Health and Safety in the workplace is essential, so we take pride in our durable and versatile health and safety labels for companies and businesses of all industries.

Warning Labels

With 70 years experience in providing bespoke warning labels for a wide variety of clients, Southern United take pride in offering high quality warning label products at an excellent rate. Choose from personalised warning labels in a variety of finishes, materials, colours, shapes and sizes.

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Southern United offer a vast range of plastic and metal labels and nameplates, whether you’re looking at purchasing memorabilia to raise awareness for your club or organisation, or you need professional nameplates for your company or business. With over 70 years’ experience in the supply and manufacture of these labels, Southern United provides everything you need.

For more information on the product we supply, why not get in touch with us today? Simply call us on 01273 418636 and speak to a member of our professional team, or email us at sales@sunited.co.uk and we will get back to you shortly.