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Southern United is a unique labeling company specialising in bespoke labels, CE Labels and nameplates. We focus on creating products designed to meet our customer’s specifications.

We work closely with each of our clients, ensuring complete satisfaction throughout the entire production process. By working with a wide range of materials and finishes, we are able to provide our customers with a huge scope of choice when it comes to choosing their own unique labels and nameplates.

Example metal CE marking labelCE Marking labeling solutions

Due to the legislative requirements, CE Marking (formally known as EC marking) has become an entity within itself. It is mandatory conformity for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). Besides, this requirement has been in place since 1985. CE Marking is a worldwide recognised symbol, even to those who may not be familiar with the European Economic Area.

The marking itself usually appears together with the CE logo, and if applicable, also a four-digit identification code of the body involved in the conformity assessment procedure.

At Southern United our CE labels can be produced on a wide variety of materials. Our CE labels can withstand extreme temperatures and adhere to various surfaces. Furthermore, depending on their intended use, they can also be produced on weather-proof materials and provide you with a durable solution.


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