Six of the main Industries using Industrial Labels

industrial labels

Industrial labels and tags are essential for communicating important instructions, safety information, or product details to customers and staff. But some industries benefit more than others from durable, high-quality labels. Here are six of the main industries which can benefit from industrial labelling, signage and nameplates, and the properties each sector needs to consider.


The automotive sector is a broad industry that requires a lot of signage and labelling, from cleaning products and car manufacturers to Formula 1 and public transport. The labels used in this sector can be found in virtually every part of a vehicle, both on the exterior and under the hood. The applications for industrial labelling in this industry can range from starter motors and cables to pumps, motors & engine management systems. Industrial labels for vehicles need to be able to tolerate high temperatures, oils & grease, as well as internal and external environments. There’s also a demand for Metal labels & nameplates coming from contemporary motors and classic vehicles.


Durable labels play an important role in aerospace manufacturing and technology, as each component needs to be identifiable, traceable, and easily tracked throughout the supply chain. From engines and wing panels to security scanning devices and in-flight entertainment systems, there’s so much within this industry that requires carefully designed and high-quality labels and signs. The labels produced for this industry need to withstand frequent temperature changes and be resistant to aviation fuels and oils.

Road and Rail

Roads and railways around the world have labels and signs, including train carriages and information signage, signalling equipment, street lamps & illuminated signs, and crash barriers. Road and rail labels should be resistant to harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and abrasive conditions to withstand exterior environments. Road and rail signs must have excellent clarity levels to help drivers maintain safety.


We interact with electronics every day, so it stands to reason that the electronics sector will be one of the leading industries to benefit from industrial labels. Labels are effective in identifying components, as well as in their ability to withstand harsh production processes and assembly lines. Labelling for this sector needs to be able to resist high temperatures, abrasion & solvents, as well as feature flame-retardant and anti-static properties to stay in place and display important health and safety information. For this reason, plastic or polyimide labels are often utilised for electronics as they are cost-effective and suitable for such environments.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety plays a prominent role in so many other industries, to keep staff, customers and visitors safe from risks and threats. In fact, businesses must comply with all relevant health and safety legislation. From serial numbering and bar coding to track inventory to safety signs and warning labels that protect you and equipment, there are many aspects of health and safety labelling and signage. Health and safety signs and labels need to be tolerant to chemicals and solvents, as well as be durable and long-lasting.


The medical industry requires labels and nameplates in a range of materials, colours, shapes and sizes. From keychains for organisations to warning labels for products, medications and equipment, the medical sector requires durable labels that can cope with corrosion, wear and tear and be resistant to solvents and cleaning chemicals that are unique to medical environments. We offer signs and labels that can be used for both interior and exterior applications, with a range of adhesives for easy attachment.


Selecting the right label can be tricky without the help and guidance of an experienced label manufacturer. Southern United can help – we have over 70 years’ experience in the creation and supply of nameplates and labels in a variety of materials, sizes, colours and finishes.

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